What is skin? The layers of human skin

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, weighing approximately 16% of our bodyweight. Skin consists of multiple layers, epidermis, dermis and hypode…

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  2. Hello. I would like to ask if I could use this to our presentation and if I could have a copy of the video? Thanks.

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    30 slides presentation in 3 min

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  5. I teach anatomy and physiology. I like this video, but please note that the hypodermis is not considered a layer of the skin. It is the layer of tissue under the skin (also known as subcutaneous tissue). The skin consists of 2 layers, the epidermis and dermis.

  6. strong information

  7. very helpful, something about the accent helps me to study! Thank you x

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  15. The voice over states they are “flat” cells not “fat”.

  16. The stratum corneum is NOT a layer of dead fat cells.

  17. The skin only weighs 6 – 10 pounds. I don’t know any adults, even svelte Europeans who only weigh between 38 and 63 pounds :p

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    Happy to consider it. Drop us an email to mail@clinuvel.com and we can follow up

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    I have a 10 minute power point presentation due on Malignant Melanoma. May I use a portion of your video for a quick explaination on the skins surface layers? 

  20. 2:08
    So after 30 days every cell in your epidermis is different from the cells of your epidermis of 30 days before?

  21. hmm, I was just taught that the “Hypodermis” is NOT considered a skin layer.

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  23. What if I rip off my skin?

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    Glad to hear it was of help! Did you find the downloadable fact sheet on out website as well? Would welcome any feedback on this too.

  25. Thank you for this great video, I showed it to my students, it was very helpful for them to understand better! 🙂