The Skin Gun

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  1. Well good news. That’s not the dumbest thing I’ve heard come out of the mouth of a bible thumper. It’s only a close second.

  2. youtube is so stupid with the posts.

    this is the third time.

    anyways, where is God in The Star-Spangled Banner?

  3. oh say can you see
    by the dawn’s early light
    what so proudly we hail
    at the twilight’s last gleaming.

    who’s broad stripes and bright stars
    through the perilous fight
    o’er ramparts we watched
    were so gallantly streaming.

    And the rocket’s red glare
    the bombs bursting mid-air
    gave proof through the night
    that our flag was still there.

    Oh say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
    o’er the land of the free
    and the home of the brave.

  4. amazing!!! science continues to blow my mind away

  5. It’s in the 4th verse of the Star Spangled Banner. You can Google it if you’d like.

  6. That’s awesome. I hate getting burned. Wonder if that works for acid burns too

  7. Look up all the Verses in the anthem. Nothing is invalid you don’t accept it. You think you know everything about our nation, but there is more than just wars and the presidents.

  8. Question is.. Where is the actual before pictures.

  9. I’ll tell you whats not hidden in the bible. Anything about America and the National Anthem. You’re argument is invalid.

  10. I am not wrong, maybe for Rome. The pledge is not the only thing that has God in it. There are more verses to our anthem that are not shown. I did some research on these claims and I’ve learned things that you won’t find in a regular textbook. do you really know what is hidden in the bible?

  11. Same here, it’s all a big dick waving contest.

  12. Consumer Reviewer Reply May 3, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    Wow technology is awesome when it is not used for the wrong reasons.

  13. None of these videos have any dislikes

  14. Thomas Atkinson Reply May 3, 2013 at 5:54 pm

    You realize you are completely wrong on all accounts right? About your whole George Washington giving America God. Why it is on our currency and our Pledge of Allegiance. And why Rome fell. But please, continue to shove your head in a book full of hate bigotry racism sexism and fear mongering.

  15. As a christian, this is epic. I have no moral apprehensions towards this. stem cell research is good but where the moral battleground is, is over the use of dead babies for stem cell research. Most christians hear the term stem cell research and are automatically against it because they don’t understand there are different non infanticidal way to go about this awesome field.

  16. suckscensoredgaming Reply May 3, 2013 at 7:25 pm

    fuck yeah!, Science bitch!!

  17. Just because Christianity became legal doesn’t mean that all citizens were Christian. Some citizens probably practiced other religions in secret or didn’t practice any religion at all.

  18. What did what come from, the thing in the video or what?

  19. I did not start this some other person thought that the skin gun was some type of witchcraft.

  20. There`s always one person who has to open their mouth about religion. ONE person. What the fuck does this video have to do with religion? After people like YOU have to open their mouths, it causes a debate about god existing. Just shut the fuck up and watch the video. No one wants to deal with this.

  21. you’re even more clueless.

  22. you are so freakin clueless