Skin Bleaching Epidemic In Jamaica Short Documentary

Short Documentary On Skin Bleaching.
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22 Responses to “Skin Bleaching Epidemic In Jamaica Short Documentary”

  1. AnastasiaLUVSU Reply May 3, 2013 at 9:27 am

    Fuck off you dirty Haitian animal. go back to your shithole in the Caribbean.

  2. Roberto Escarment Reply May 3, 2013 at 10:01 am

    lol jamaicans want to be white so bad. nasty people

  3. You have a black wife because you’re obviously not proud of youself and you’re a wannabe please stop giving us a bad name and learn how to spell.

  4. You kill everybody behind your laptop. My wife is black you idiot. Get a life batty bwoy

  5. Jamaicans accents are just like yesss. Ugh, please stop society wants you to think you aren’t pretty, but there are many people like me that love the variety of human beings. What is Jamaica without all the shades, especially dark like mahoghany, chocolates, to me its appealing. I want to go to Jamaica, there are people that go to be around the richer skin and the culture, I hate these beauty standards. A dark skinned woman that is pretty in white clothes is striking.

  6. So true!
    The idea of changing ourselves physically to meet unnatural standards is universal! I don’t think there’s one race or color out there that doesn’t have a group of people who share a desire to change something about their appearance.
    It’s all about self esteem! If every society were to tell people that they’re beautiful no matter what they look like, you wouldn’t have destructive changing methods like bleaching.

  7. fucking disgusting..

  8. people that bleach smell terrible.. stop damaging your skin

  9. That what Michael Jackson did and he adopted white kids asshole Thats why I quit buying his shit back then ,if you cant be proud to be black then fuck you Michael Jackson

  10. ”anyting too black nuh good” my nans favourite sayin just lool. my nans cussin would make anyone bleach tho

  11. XBLChoppa Villain Reply May 3, 2013 at 2:10 pm


  12. me want bleach -me want bleach now otherwise obese off foodstamps

  13. bleach baboon hahahah

  14. thats just a few Japanese that want to be black, from what i heard most Japanese and other aisans do not want to be black at all they want to be light or even white

  15. its kinda like how we white ppl tan and get cancer trying to darken. are we ever satisfied? will we ever be ? probably not but all people are beautiful. like she said if we can not love ourself we can not love our neighbor.

  16. Catherine S. Todd Reply May 3, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    Excellent Documentary. I hope the celebrities of our world take heed and also change their ways. We need real, positive role models for us ALL! I’m white and I love all skin colors – and eye colors – and hair colors – too!

  17. Most brown people also bleach their skins to become lighter and have white skin, mainly in Asia. They use chemicals to do so. Everyone should be proud and every skin color can look beautiful, equally. It is called ads and media telling people to change their skin colors, so those white people, not most, are taught to think tan is better so they go tanning to feel “hot”. Same with this video.

  18. What? Most Japanese women bleach and their lifestyle consists of bleaching their skin or staying out of the sun to get white! It even said so in that video. Japan values white skin.

  19. Its different in Japan. The girls are the other way. look

    go on you tube and check out ‘black lifestyle’ in Japan

  20. Its not the bleachers’ fault. It the people with the colour prejudice. From slavery up till now. When I came to UK and see the Africans bleaching I was shocked. I never though Africans would bleach. Now it an epidemic in JA. By the ways in India they bleach as well.

  21. It is so sad that in the 21st century that many people in Jamaica still suffer from inferiority complex.

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