Nina Jablonski breaks the illusion of skin color Nina Jablonski says that differing skin colors are simply our bodies’ adaptation to varied climates and levels of UV exposure. Charles Dar…
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  1. Organisms, according to Biology Online, are ‘Living things that are capable of reacting to stimuli, reproduction, growth, and homeostasis.’ Human life began in the African Continent on the North West side. The Rivers mentioned in Genesis are in that area. By travelling deeper south into Africa, the pigments naturally and easily resulted in a darker color, whereas traveling into what we know as Greece, Italy and the UK, the same process in reverse due to less sunlight. If you can’t grasp, oh well

  2. Despite, that hes maybe younger than you and didnt express very clever, your argument sound like bullshit.
    so organisms just appear as they want? and your darker “travellers” are on the south america/ – africa / and -pole area, or what do you mean with “southern”?
    your argument sounds like a story a 5 yrs old kid invented – in the year 900 a.d.

  3. Very serious. How old are you? 14?

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  5. Our universe and earth did not come into being by an explosion. That was Creation. The first 2 people created were different. One black the other white. Their children mulatto. people began to evolve according to their environments and elements, gradually, and then came the mixing of these. It would explain the white skin being more easily evolved for northerly travelers and darker skin for the southerly travelers. But this evolving of people bears no relation to how existence came into being.

  6. Makes more sense that the first 2 people were totally opposite. One black and the other white. Their children would be mulatto. There would be mulatto until after their languages were changed and they traveled to different lands and their bodies gradually adapted to the elements and environments according to where they traveled. Thus, the shades of brown in between and the lighter skin of those who traveled northerly. We are all the same as far as having the same origins.

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  9. jdlangside4321 Reply May 3, 2013 at 1:53 pm

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  10. They are from mongolian genetic stock, isolated away from the genetic mutations and selection for skin color that impacted europeans and only moved into the extreme northern hemispheres fairly recently. Versus europeans who dealt with more severe ice age environments and picked up more neanderthal DNA – ancestors that had evolved out of the same glacial environment.

  11. I will take her advice. Yes I am going to celebrate my Skin colour.

    Can anyone tell me how do I do that?

  12. D2 yes, Vitamine D3, no…

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  14. Taurus Londono Reply May 3, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    Nevertheless, due to the relatively recent habitation of these regions, the Inuit are only modestly darker than, say, the indigenous peoples of East Asia, with skin color at birth on the lower-end of the Fitzpatrick scale, the darkest shades acquired during lifetime sun exposure (ie tan, skin damage).

  15. Taurus Londono Reply May 3, 2013 at 5:28 pm

    Though Jablonski is (drastically) oversimplifying, the association between endogenous Vitamin D and melanin is definitive and uncontroversial (you can see this yourself by getting a tan). UV exposure is compounded by surface reflection of treeless permafrost in arctic biomes; this is similar to the effect of handheld reflectors used by sunbathers. Coping with the intensity of solar radiation, the Inuit developed special eyewear, without which snowblindness would be endemic.

  16. could be that the migration from the mainland happend fairly riecently, say the last 30 000 years or so. then they would have skincolour that would be something like the “mainlanders” IE native americans. this is just a thought.

  17. Amazing!

  18. If people further north are suppose to be lighter in color, explain Inuits. They’re not exactly pale folk. I’m Native and even my own people are actually pretty dark even though we’re so far north of the equator.

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  22. Isn’t this something that the vast majority of people already know?

  23. @starlette098 Is this about two parents of a darker tone having a child of a lighter tone, or the tone of either parent? I’ve never seen that happen.