Acne Coverage- Dewy Skin Foundation Tutorial !

hey guys hope you enjoy! chat with me on facebook !!! Products i used : Aveeno Mois…

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  1. MichelleMarie13 Reply May 3, 2013 at 9:24 am

    I can’t believe how pretty you are im so jealous I can’t do my make like u.

  2. Awe, good message.. Yeah, it can be stressful but you can still be fabulous. With time it gets better, I used to have acne clustered on my cheeks and people would call it “Pickachu acne”. Regardless, that highlight looks great and that was very easy to follow along too. Thanks! (:

  3. thanks :))) !!! && camoeyes(dot)com :))

  4. at camoeyes(dot)com :))

  5. Ahaha!!! Fatherfucker!!!

  6. Brandon Brashier Reply May 3, 2013 at 11:11 am

    You kind of remind me of a darker version of Sharon needles!! Your so cute!

  7. Use lemon as a spot treatment and alternate w/neosporen. Theres another amaaaazing treatment at walmart De La Crus Sulfer, you HAVE to try it.

  8. great job

  9. pro skill level xD :*

  10. rocky contours. but they look so real 😛

  11. not a problem . I really mean it 🙂 <3

  12. i wear contact lences too and ive been looking for bright purple ones like yours .. whered you get them ?

  13. Ashley Avalanche Reply May 3, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    Lol random question but how did you get boobs in your profile pic? (x

  14. love you tooo!

  15. lol they had so many , i grabbed any >.< haha

  16. I love love you! your so awesome. i follow you on Facebook and love the stuff you say.. Break outs ugghhh story of my life about to hit the 25stuff cents and i still break out lol but oh well. love your videos and were did you order your contacts if you dont mind me asking:-)

  17. U should make Instagram

  18. Try a moisturizer made for the face!! That’s for your body! :O

  19. I just started to get acne this yr too! Ugh!

  20. Most of the time acne comes from what u eat and put into ur pretty littel belly…:)
    Chocolate makes acne like hell…
    Dairy Products make acne like hell…
    Candy is too very bad …..
    Just eat less allmost nada of it ….
    Do a test …..
    Ohh allmost forgot change your pillowcase evry day if its Dirty makes acne …..
    Hope the tips will help…

  21. im wondering if the acne free system would work for you (you can buy it at target). if you went to a derm they’d likely prescribe some differin to start with…acnefree has the same ingredients and is just as strong from making my own comparisons. it worked for me when i developed major acne (which lasted 6mos) from using a particular makeup product. you’re adorable regardless and conceal like a pro. but try it out if you’re not allergic to salicylic acid. comes in sensitive skin formula too.

  22. Sammysuicide22 Reply May 3, 2013 at 6:37 pm

    Love you 33

  23. SAME…can’t conceal the bumps…its awful.

  24. i haaaaaate having coverage but still see the bumps obviously!! :@

  25. i will deff check that out ! thanks boo :)) !!