Skin care home remedies

It is not a secret, anti-aging skincare products are becoming more popular by the day. What the cosmetology industry is not revealing are the side effects of these products. This is the reason about why a number of people are going for invasive techniques. These are expensive hence the need for a cheaper alternative, home skin care remedies.
Here are tips on effective home skin care remedies.

1. Massaging your face with almond oil and ghee before going to bed. 2. Use grated cucumber in your face pack. 3. Aloe Vera – rub fresh juice on age spots to get rid of them. 4. Castor oil – apply its oil on your face at least once per day. 5. Apple cider vinegar – use 2 apple cider teaspoons together with a teaspoon of orange juice and apply all over your face.
Other remedies can be made using buttermilk, bilberry herb, dandelion, horseradish root, chick peas and Chinese herbs such as the gotu kola.

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