Tea Tree Oil For Acne

Tea Tree Oil For Acne

Tea tree oil for acne is very effective because it kills the P. bacteria under your skin that is involved with acne. Terpinen-4-ol is the active ingredient that is responsible for the antibacterial activity.

Get Rid of Acne via Natural Acne Treatment

Tea tree oil for acne can be used on acne rosacea, blackheads, whiteheads, zits, pimples and inflammatory acne types such as cystic acne, nodular and acne vulgaris, in fact it is great for any type of blemish. You can use tea tree oil for acne on dry or oily skin. You will experience a tingling feeling and your skin may turn red depending on how sensitive you are, the redness will disappear eventually leaving your skin clear and preventing further blemishes, breakouts, and reduce inflammation and red spots caused by pimples and blemishes.
Uses of Tea Tree Oil for Acne:

Tea tree oil for acne treatment is a very popular natural acne medication, however, some people may be sensitive to it. There are many different uses of tea tree oil, you can use it with gels, creams, shampoo, soap or dilute it with water. Again high quality tea tree oil for acne should not be applied directly because irritation may occur.
You can use tea tree oil for acne along side a chemical peel. Many dermatologists and spa’s use tea tree oil and salicylic acid OR glycolic acid as an acne remedy to help clear the skin and eventually curing acne. While the tea tree oil for acne kills the bacteria the chemical peels break down the dead skin cells, this helps clearing the pores and allow skin cell regeneration.

***You can also use tea tree oil for acne with vitamins. Such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E which are anti-oxidants and help with hormonal balance.***

***You will need to be consistent with the use of tea tree oil for acne. You should give it 4 weeks to notice the best results. ***

Tea Tree oil and Rosacea

Tea tree oil and Rosacea are not linked very often. However tea tree oil is a logical skin care product for Rosacea because of its anti-fungal properties. Before using Tea tree oil for Rosacea try a skin patch test to make sure you do not get a rash or allergic reaction to the active ingredients in tea tree oil. Also make sure you get a very high quality Tea tree oil with a high concentration of terpinen -4 -ol and the lowest possible concentration of cineol for more information please look at tea tree oil products for a detailed list of ingredients for a high quality brand of Tea tree oil.
Tea Tree Oil For Acne Scars:

There are several methods to reduce and get rid of scars. Tea tree oil for scars will help promote the regeneration of skin tissue and may lighten your scars. However there is no conclusive evidence to prove that tea tree oil is an effective scar removal agent.
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